Eliza Kentridge was born in 1962 in Johannesburg, South Africa. After completing a BA Hons in English Literature at Wits University, she worked for some years as a writer and illustrator at an anti-apartheid educational organisation.

She moved to England in 1988 and studied drawing and printmaking at Oxford Polytechnic. She has lived and worked in Wivenhoe, Essex since 1990.

She has built a varied practise which incorporates drawing, sewing, sculpture and increasingly, writing, both in her visual work and with the publication of her first book of poetry: Signs For An Exhibition (Modjaji Books, Cape Town, 2015).


I use several different media but much recent work has been a combination of drawing and stitched line on strongly coloured fabric. I often collage found paper and fabric under the tracing paper. Many of these works are free hanging though a few are stretched and framed.

Here are some examples of stages from original drawing through transfer to tracing, stitching and finished pieces.