Artist Books

My artist’s book, SELECTED SIGNS, is an edition of 18 handmade books, taking poems from my book, Signs for An Exhibition, and combining them with some images hand made at the Dieu Donne paper mill, and others letterpress printed at Peter Kruty Editions, New York.  The book was published by Dieu Donné Press in 2017. I participated in panels at Dieu Donne and ‘The Mind of the Artist’ in New York. SELECTED SIGNS was bought by New York Public Library and The Library of Congress. Copies are still available for purchase.

SELECTED SIGNS was a complicated project, involving image and text, completed over three years. By contrast, CATALOGUE, a small, wordless, accordion-bound artist’s book, was conceptualised and made in a week in Johannesburg in October 2022. Skilled print-makers at the Artist Proof Studio took my drawings, and turned them into screen-printed sheets from which the books were folded. Both SELECTED SIGNS and CATALOGUE are available to buy. See my contact page for details.